About Us

The first generation of Hyphy Mud was a homemade pre-workout energy drink made popular by actor and body builder Kali Muscle. He and others developed the drink while incarcerated. It consisted of 1-3 teaspoons of instant coffee and a few ounces of Pepsi, or your own preference of caffeinated beverage. Simple ingredients, yes, but quite effective...

Kali Muscle partnered with a team of chemists specializing in sports performance to bring you the innovative pre-workout Hyphy Mud!! We created a scientifically formulated, cutting edge pre-workout designed to enhance mental focus, drive, aggression, and leave the rest of the gym envying your energy and intensity.  Consuming this new generation formula of Hyphy Mud will flip a switch from deep within you and MAKE YOU DANGEROUS!!! Expect to be throwing around your old personal records with ease, violently lashing out on the weights and aggressively pumping out set after set.  

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